Monday, March 26, 2012

Tribal Art Auction - Webb's, March 28

On Wednesday, March 28, Webb's of New Zealand will present a sale of several significant international collections of Maori taonga and artifacts from a range of Oceanic cultures. An historically important poutokomanawa (carved centre post) and two significant feather cloaks are included alongside a lifetime collection of Maori and Oceanic fish hooks, as well as early examples from the Webster collection, Maori weaponry, adornment and a quality selection of Melanesian, Polynesian and African tribal artworks.

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Poutokomanawa figure attributed to Anaha Te Rahui (1822–1913)  -  Maori, New Zealand

Feathered prestige cloak, kahu huruhuru  -  Maori, New Zealand  -  Late nineteenth century
Figural pendant, hei tiki  -  Maori, New Zealand  -  Eighteenth century
Ancestral figure, tekoteko  -  Maori, New Zealand
Trade axe with manaia finial, patiti  -  Maori, New Zealand  -  Mid-nineteenth century
Club with manaia finial, kotiate  -  Maori, New Zealand
Group of Oceanic fishing lures  -  Various cultures, nineteenth century

Information and images courtesy of Webb's

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