Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tribal Art Auction - Pierre Bergé & Associés, April 2

Pierre Bergé & Associés will present a sale of Oceanic, African, and Native American antiquities in Paris on April 2. A marvelous array of Pacific weaponry and ritual carving from the collection of Claude Meyer will be offered to the bidders alongside a range of fine African carvings and American Indian works spanning from the Pacific Northwest to the Woodlands.

View the online catalogue.

Avian grave post figures  -  Sakalava, Madagascar
Mask  -  British Columbia or Alaska
Halibut hook  -  Tlingit or Haida, British Columbia
Mask, apouema  -  Kanak, New Caledonia
Ceremonial headdress  -  Malaita, Vanuatu
Standing figure  -  Sakalava, Madagascar
Canoe prow  -  Maori, New Zealand

Information and images courtesy of Pierre Bergé & Associés

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