Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Florence Loeb Collection at Sotheby's - April 5

Daughter of the celebrated and visionary gallery-owner Pierre Loeb, the Parisian dealer of the greatest modern artists of the inter-war period, including Picasso, Miró and Giacometti, Florence Loeb inherited her father’s passion for distant cultures and his gift for forging special affinities with the most fascinating artistic personalities of his generation. Sotheby's will be offering Loeb's important collection of art and manuscripts on April 5 in Paris.

In addition to the finest ensemble of books and drawings by Antonin Artaud and a portrait of Pierre Loeb by Alberto Giacometti, the lots will include a selection of beautiful works from Africa, Oceania and the Americas.

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Tapa cloth  -  Humboldt Bay, Papua New Guinea
Byeri head  -  Fang, Gabon
Seated figure  -  Baule, Côte d'Ivoire
Kachina figure  -  Hopi, Arizona
Club  -  Solomon Islands
Bone mask  -  Eskimo, Alaska

Information and images courtesy of Sotheby's

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