Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tribal Art Auction - Dorotheum, April 2

Vienna auction house Dorotheum will present a sale of fine tribal antiquities on April 2. Primarily highlighting masks and statuary from West and Central Africa, the lots will also include a range of Indonesian and Pacific works, as well as a handful of Eskimo stone sculptures.

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Mask  -  Boa, D R Congo  -  Late nineteenth/early twentieth century
Feather currency roll  -  Santa Cruz Is., Solomon Islands
Head depicting a nobleman  -  Benin, Nigeria  -  Eighteenth or nineteenth century
Avian grave markers  -  Sakalava, Madagascar  -  Nineteenth or early twentieth century
Kifwebe mask  -  Songye, D R Congo
Bwami society mask  -  Lega, D R Congo
Cihongo mask  -  Chokwe, Southeastern Congo  -  Early twentieth century

Information and images courtesy of Dorotheum

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