Thursday, April 16, 2015

New installation for pre-Columbian art at Princeton University Art Museum,

On February 3, 2015, the Princeton University Art Museum unveiled a new installation for its collection of the traditional arts of the Americas. The dramatic new gallery showcases the range of artistic production from the ancient American past as well as Native American arts from more recent times. Geographically, the collection ranges from the Diaquita culture of Chile to the Inuit peoples of Alaska. The majority of the material in the new installation is pre-Columbian, and within this collection the chronological and spatial ranges are marked by hallmark examples from major ancient American cultures, including a number of well-known masterpieces of Mesoamerican art, particularly from the Olmec and Maya peoples.

Find out more at the Princeton University Art Museum website.

Double-faced female figure  -  Tlatilco, Mexico  -  1500–1200 B.C.

Stele  -  Maya, 300–500 A.D.
Mask  -  Aztec, Mexico  -  1400–1520 A.D.

Images courtesy of Princeton University

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