Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ni’n na L’nu - The Mi'Kmaq of Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence in Eastern Canada has been home to the Mi’kmaq culture for some 12,000 years. The community, whose environment has undergone many changes over the last centuries, still lives there and retains profound respect for its ancestors and their values. Ni’n na L’nu, Les Mi’kmaq de l’île-du-Prince-Edouard (Ni’n na L’nu, The Mi’kmaq of Prince Edward Island), on view until January 18, 2015 at the Musée Canadien de l’Histoire in Gatineau, Quebec, provides an opportunity to explore the history, spirituality, social structures, and material culture of an indigenous population that has remained viscerally attached to both its land and its traditions. Designed to resemble wigwams, the traditional circular Indian dwellings, the museum’s galleries teem with artifacts, video presentations, interactive objects, and audio tracks that provide a total immersion in the Mi’kmaq universe.

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Image courtesy of the Musée Canadien de l’Histoire

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