Monday, December 8, 2014

Eskimo & Northwest Coast Art at Jacaranda Tribal

Jacaranda Tribal has just revealed a beautiful new assemblage of tribal art and artifacts from the Arctic and the Pacific Northwest. This new ensemble of objects, as charming as it is fascinating, comprises a range of Eskimo works from Alaska and Greenland – miniatures, dolls, ritual items, and hunting equipment – along with a pair of ceremonial items from British Columbia. The selections in the newest online exhibition are illustrated below. For more details on these fine offerings and many, many more, please visit

Bird mask - Nunivak Island, Alaska 
Hamat'sa headdress  -  Kwakiutl, British Columbia

Mask  -  Cup'ig, Alaska

Raven rattle  -  Bella Coola, British Columbia

Hunter's amulets  -  Eskimo, Alaska

Bag fastener in the form of a fish  -  Eskimo, Alaska

Hunter's amulet  -  Eskimo, Alaska

Figurine  -  Eskimo, Alaska

Eight dolls  -  Yup'ik, Alaska

Model kayak  -  Eskimo, Greenland

Model kayak  -  Eskimo, Alaska  -  Ca 1200–1300 CE 
Archer's wristguard  -  Eskimo, Alaska

Pipe  -  Eskimo, Siberia
Tom cod lure  -  Eskimo, North America

Pair of fishing lures  -  Eskimo, North America

Fishing kit  -  Eskimo, North America

Images ©James Worrell 2014

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