Monday, May 28, 2012

Vessels and Containers at Jacaranda Tribal

A new online exhibition at Jacaranda Tribal presents a showcase of exquisite African vessels and containers.  Highlighting the diversity of form and myriad aesthetics brought to these utilitarian objects by a wide variety of traditional cultures from across the continent, Jacaranda's newest assemblage features refined lidded vessels from the Lozi of Zambia and the Hima of Rwanda; a graceful and elegant South African snuff container carved from a single piece of horn; a remarkable North African powder flask; and much more.  The images below present a selection of the exhibition's highlights.  Visit the Jacaranda Tribal website for detailed information on these items and many more.

Lidded bowl  -  Lozi, Zambia  -  First half of 20th century
Milk vessel  -  Hima, Rwanda  -  First half of 20th century
Meat bowl  -  Nyoro, Uganda  -  19th century
Lidded vessel  -  Shi, D.R. Congo  -  First half of 20th century
Lidded basket  -  Sotho, Lesotho  -  First half of 20th century
Wooden vessel  -  Tsonga or Matabele, Zimbabwe  -  Late 19th or early 20th century
Snuff container  -  South Africa  -  19th century
Powder flask  -  Morocco or Tunisia  -  19th or early 20th century

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