Saturday, May 19, 2012

Maori: New Zealand's First Inhabitants

Maori, an exhibition first organized by Museum Volkenkunde Leiden, is now on view at the Linden Museum in Stuttgart.  Through an assemblage of 140 antique and contempoary works, the exhibition explores the Maori concepts of mana and tapu, and invites visitors to sound the depth of Maori culture, both in the past and the 21st century.

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Pendant, hei tiki  -  19th century
Whalebone club with manaia finial, kotiate  -  19th century
Flax cloak, tukukakumai  -  Kohai Grace, 21st century
War club, taiaha  -  19th century
Bone flute, nguru  -  19th century
Panel carving (poupou) depicting the demigod Maui

Information and images courtesy of the Linden Museum, Stuttgart

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