Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tribal Art Auction at Zemanek-Münster

Zemanek-Münster will present their 81st sale of tribal art and artifacts in Würzburg on October 31.  The  large auction will present a wide array of sculptural works, highlighting a number of beautiful figures from West and Central Africa. Asian art will also be included alongside traditional works from Oceania, the Himalayas and elsewhere.

View the online catalogue.

Commemorative figure of a king  -  Bangwa, Cameroon Grassfields

Mask, dyodyomini  -  Dogon, Mali

Reliquary figure, mbulu ngulu  -  Kota, Gabon

Power figure, nkisi  -  Kongo/Mayombe/Vili, D.R. Congo

Images courtesy of Zemanek-Münster

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