Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Acquisitions at Jacaranda Tribal

Jacaranda Tribal has unveiled a summer selection of exquisite tribal works from all corners of sub-Saharan Africa. Shields, ritual accoutrements, dance crests, precious beadwork and rare tobacciana are just some of the offerings on display in the new range of available works, some of which are pictured below. A small selection of Hawaiian art rounds out the array of available items. 
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Headcrest  -  Ekoi, Nigeria
Three-bowled pipe  -  Zulu, South Africa
Bowl  -  Hawaiian Islands

Stool  -  D.R. Congo

Harp with cephalomorphic finial  -  Mitsogho, Gabon

Ceremonial hat  -  Kuba, D.R. Congo

Sickle  -  Boa, D.R. Congo

Shield  -  Somalia

Headrest  -  Shona, Zimbabwe

Fertility doll  -  Sotho, Lesotho

Images ©James Worrell 2014 / Jacaranda Tribal

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