Friday, February 21, 2014

New Acquisitions at Jacaranda Tribal

Jacaranda Tribal presents a new online exhibition featuring a range of fine tribal objects from southern and central Africa and Papua New Guinea alongside a beautiful selection of antique photographs taken in Africa from the 1870s to the 1930s.

For more information on the selected works below and many more, visit

!Kweiten-ta //ken, a Bushwoman from Katkop Mountains, South Africa
Samuel Baylis Barnard  -  Albumen print  -  1870s
Portrait of a woman, Sudan  -  Khardiache Brothers  -  Albumen print  -  ca. 1890

Ladle with figural handle  -  Nguni, South Africa  -  Late 19th or early 20th century

Two Women from Massawa, Eritrea  -  Luigi Naretti  -  Gelatin silver print  -  ca. 1890

Maasai warriors and colonial officer, Zanzibar  -  Unidentified photographer  -  Albumen print  -  ca. 1890s

Mask  -  Eket, Nigeria  -  19th century

Man with pipe, South Africa  -  Unidentified photographer  -  ca 1880

Hat  -  Kuba, D.R. Congo

Couple seated on a wagon  -  Fred Hamm  -  Albumen print  -  1903

Incised cup  -  Abelam, Papua New Guinea  -  Early 20th century

A Tsonga snake dancer, Mozambique
Alfred Martin Duggan-Cronin  -  Silver gelatin print  -  1933

Prestige staff  -  Zulu, South Africa  -  Late 19th or early 20th century

Ndebele woman, South Africa  -  Unidentified photographer  -  ca 1930s

Headrest  -  Shona, Zimbabwe
Beja warriors, Sudan  -  C. & G. Zangaki  -  Albumen print  -  Last third of 19th century

Images courtesy of Jacaranda Tribal / ©2014 James Worrell

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