Friday, November 29, 2013

Tribal Art at Sotheby's

The next sale of tribal art at Sotheby’s willbhonor the great collectors and dealers of the first half of the twentieth century, a seminal period in the history of the appreciation of tribal art in the West, as many of the offerings on December 11 will include so many objects that passed through their hands. The highlight of the auction will undoubtedly be a Fang reliquary figure from Gabon that belonged to Georges de Miré. Another Gabonese reliquary guardian figure, this one of Kota origin and with a prestigious provenance, will also be offered. Previews of the sale will be held on December 6–10.

Reliquary figure  -  Fang, Gabon

Chief's adze  -  Maori, New Zealand

Figure  -  Ifugao, Philippines

Ivory sceptres  -  Kongo, D.R. Congo

Images courtesy of Sotheby's

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