Monday, July 9, 2012

Katsina in Hopi Life

On view until June 23, 2013 at the Autry National Center in Los Angeles is Katsina in Hopi Life, featuring remarkable katsina (kachina) dolls from the Autry's Southwest Museum of the American Indian Collection.  Katsinam (the plural form of katsina) are spiritual beings who represent all aspects of life and travel to be with the Hopi people of Arizona six months of the year.  Told from the Hopi perspective, this exhibition shares the unique relationship the Hopi have with the katsinam, focusing on the values, lessons, and encouraging messages learned from them.

Visit the exhibition's official website.

Pusukíntaqa-Kooyemsi  -  Drummer-Mudhead Katsina  -  Hopi, Clayton Kaniatobe  -  2007
Patang  -  Squash Katsina  -  Hopi, R. Phillips  -  1990s
Pangwu  -  Mountain Sheep Katsina  -  Hopi  -  1960s
Kooyemsi  -  Mudhead Katsina  -  Hopi, Duane Tawahongva  -  Circa 1999
Kòoninkatsina  -  Havasupai Katsina  -  Hopi  -  1900s
Töövkatsina  -  Antelope Katsina  -  Hopi  -  Circa 1930
Hemiskatsina  -  Hopi, Kayquopieuh  -  Circa 1990

Information and images courtesy of the Autry National Center

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