Thursday, June 7, 2012

African and Oceanic Art at Christie's - June 11, 2012

Christie's will present a sale of fine African and Oceanic art and artifacts on June 11 in Paris. A number of prestigious private collections are offered in this sale. One of these is fresh to the market, a discovery that includes a group of rare works of art from Gabon, including a Fang reliquary figure purchased over fifty years ago. Three important sculptures from the collection of Russel B Aitken (notably the famous Yoruba equestrian figure exhibited in MOMA's 1935 exhibition African Negro Art), a selection of pieces from the Swiss collector Edith Hafter, and a Kongo power figure are among the other highlights. Another extraordinary discovery is a selection of unknown objects from the Marquesas Islands amassed by  Dr. Alphonse Long between 1882 and 1891.

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Reliquary figure  -  Mvai Fang, Gabon
Reliquary figure  -  Kota-Shamaye, Gabon
Mask  -  Dogon, Mali
Equestrian figure  -  Yoruba, Nigeria
Figural suspension hook  -  Sepik River, Papua New Guinea
Male figure  -  Abelam, Papua New Guinea
Mask  -  Fang, Gabon
Female figure  -  Mende, Sierra Leone

Information and images courtesy of Christie's

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