Monday, November 8, 2010

Extraordinary Tribal Art from Africa up for Auction at Gray's Auctioneers & Appraisers

Hare Headdress from the Baga Sibondel peoples

A single owner sale of Tribal Art from Africa courtesy of a private New York Collector is on offer at Gray’s Auctioneers & Appraisers. The sale takes place November 18 at 1pm in Gray’s auction showrooms in Cleveland, Ohio. Simultaneous online bidding will be offered by Grays Live Bidding, together with telephone, absentee and live in-person bidding.
This magnificent collection features strikingly tall brass Oba figures from Benin (The Oba were the traditional kings of the Benin people), intricately carved, ornate headdresses from the Baga peoples of Guinea; figures, masks, carvings, stools, drums, Queen figures, maternity figures, animal figures and many more from the Yoruba, Igbo, Bamana, Songye, Mende, Dan, Lobi, Baule, Grassfields of Cameroon, Fang, Yaka, & Luba peoples to name but a few.  This auction of 361 lots delights and awes those that know and love the tribal art of Africa as well as the un-initiated.  The auction house is an explosion of color and creativity and Gray’s has opened up for two full weeks of exhibition for viewers to view the art in person from November 4 - 18.  A fully illustrated catalogue is also available online.
Notable lots include a colorful and ornately carved, box form Hare headdress with figures from the Baga Sibondel peoples; a brass standing figure of an Oba holding a staff & sword, Benin style; a 51-inch tall Brass Maternity Figure holding Children in each arm, from the Grassfields of Cameroon; a Brass Figural Throne also from the Cameroon, featuring multiple tiers of figural supports standing at 43 inches tall; and a mixed media, Bush Spirit Mask, from the Kran of Liberia.  It is an oversize mask made of wood, fiber, metal and pigment with a spiked beard, bulging eyes, metal teeth and overhanging fiber brow. Standing at 19 inches high and 14 inches wide with eyes bulging and mouth agape with teeth bared this ferocious mask is one of the principle highlights from this striking New York collection.
The complete illustrated catalog can be found on Gray’s website at or please call 215-458-7695 for additional information.

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