Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tony Mhonda Helps Bring Contemporary African Art to America

Visual art consultant, author and sculptor Tony Mhonda has been awarded a Black Advancement African-American Renaissance award for his contribution to contemporary African art in America.

The humanitarian art award was given to Mhonda at the Oakland University, Berkeley, San Francisco during the Black History Month celebrations last month. Mhonda's writings on the practice of contemporary visual arts in southern Africa were selected as the best out of a total of 1,320 submitted from around the world.

Last year, he was given a Sterling Award of Excellence in cross-discipline visual art and economics research at the Centre of Innovation and Research in Graduate Education from the University of Washington, Seattle, in the United States.

He was associate editor for Southern African Art Journal at the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe in 1994. He also corresponded as an art critic for The Herald (1989-1998), the now defunct Horizon magazine and The Standard newspaper.

In 1993, he served as the deputy head of the National Gallery while he was in his early 20s and was responsible for securing the dual corporate sponsorship of Anglo American and Mobil Oil for the Zimbabwe Heritage Annual exhibitions.

In 1995, Mhonda was elected as the founder president of Association Internationale des Critiques d'Art (AICA) based in Paris, France and represented Zimbabwe at various international art symposiums in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Unite States.

Mhonda is one of the few artistes to attain international post-graduate degrees in Post Modern Art Theory and Philosophy and a doctorate of Business Administration of Arts and Post-colonial Heritage Studies (DBA).

"DBA research is vital for Zimbabwe's global identity -- it challenges us to create new knowledge, new approaches, new innovations and insights to enhance business decision making, especially in times of economic set backs," Mhonda said.


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